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The new Driving Truck from
Ride on Railways. You can buy
it with or without brakes. This
one is the no brakes one.

To make my own foot rests I
cut two 400 mm long by 25 mm
box steel. You can buy foot rests
from R.O.R but I wish to have a
foot rest all the way down the

To fix them to the frame I put
4 holes in the buffer beams so
to hold my foot rests on. As you
can see I have painted the
frame black.

I cut two 550 mm long by 110 mm
wide wood foot rests for the
frame and put bolts in the box
steel one bolt in each corner.

I built a box to ride on
480 mm high from rail
400 mm wide and
550 mm long. I put a
wood box frame on the
chassis (Pic Right)
(Left) The Job Done.

P 15