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This is my Brother home made
Tender with 4 wheels on for the
Engine below. You can see the
W R on the side he had them
made up many years ago.

This is the rear view of the
Tender with home made
buffers at the rear.
The Tender is so big that he
can sit in side of it. All this on
a 5” Gauge.

For the chassis we put on this
5” Reeves Gert 0-6-0 Chassis
but took the middle set of
wheels out to make it a 0-4-0
The Tender will go with the
Train below.

This Battery (12v) powered
5” Gauge engine has a
Maxitrak power bogie at the
rear and a set of wheels at the
front, so it's a 2-4-0 set-up.
We made an over size body
with an over size bell. The
battery is a 110amp .

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