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Trojan 0 - 4 - 0

Driving Truck
Up-Grade Part !

New Work Shed

Class 8 Up-Grade

Maxitrak Ruston

6 - 1/8” Gauge Railway

Repair work on the 6-1/8” gauge

4 new sleeper going in.

The Dog had to get in the
way and so did my Brother.

You can see the Ride in
wagon below.

The line has work to do.
It moves cut down trees from the back Garden
and the mower from
the tool shed.
The wagon a 4-0-4 will take the Tipper top also.
See Tipper Page.

This is my Petrol engine Loco
As you can see it is over size.

The Engine is from a lawn
mower and I use
an old washer gearbox to give reverse and
3 sets of chain/gears to the
drive wheels.
It has a fan belt to the front wheels to give 4 wheel drive.

It's the end of the line for the
6 1/8” Gauge as we move over to 5” Gauge for 2005 season.

ALL DONE See Petrol Loco
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