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page 44


We build a new Work Paint
Shed. This one is a 8 X 6
2 doors Shed with Floor.
As you can see we put it on
slabs and then the wood
beams on a set of bricks.
This is to stop any rain water
from getting in side the shed.

The Shed is build beside the
Garage on one side and the
Bungalow on the opposite.
Shed is a Shiplap type from
with 3 windows only one
opens not glass.

Inside the Shed we put 2 work
wood Benches.
((From FOCUS DIY ))
At the time £20-00 each.

It is not long before Engines
start coming in
A 5” Stirling Single
& A 5” Maid of Kent.
Also a Tender from a !!!

We put a 5 foot Tube light
in the roof and a two gang
sw//soc on the wall.
We ran the power from the
Garage with armour cable.

We fix a portable ramp in
front of the shed so that the
Hydraulic Trolley and crane
will run up into the Shed.
They go up OK with no load
but a bit of a push with a
load on. Maybe power
operation !!!