01-Sep-2009: Many of the cameras in the database now include directional information. For example, NE-GATSO:1912@30 denotes a 30mph Gatso camera on the north-east side of the road.

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What is the Garmin Safety Camera Map?

It's a transparent map of known safety cameras (or speed cameras) within the UK and many parts of the world, based on the downloadable database service from It is designed to work with many of the older Garmin GPS mapping units which were available before the user-defined Points of Interest loader (POILoader) feature became available across the Garmin range.

There are currently over 11,100 verified cameras in the PocketGPSWorld database, as at July 2007. Most Garmin GPSRs will only allow up to 500 waypoints - some units even less. I used to cut down the database to around 450 cameras closest to where I live, then convert these to waypoints. This became quite a hassle every month, and my GPS units seemed to be noticeably slower when "full" of waypoints like this. So instead, I wrote some conversion software to convert the data into a POI map.

How can I use it?

Because the Garmin Safety Camera map is transparent, you can download it to your GPSR, along with any other maps you normally use (Metroguide, City Select, City Navigator and so on). The safety camera positions will be shown superimposed on top of your regular maps.

Which GPS units will it work with?

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The future of the POI map

Older Garmin devices do not support the POI Loader facility used by the majority of recent GPSRs. The only way for owners of these units to continue to benefit from the speed camera database is by using the Garmin Safety Cameras POI map. I intend to continue producing the map for for as long as there are sufficient downloads to make it worthwhile.

Where can I download the map?

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