17th November 2007

It has been a while since the last War Iron update. First up we would like to welcome on board Mike's replacement Ian Pearce ex Snakecharmers, Dangerfields and current member of Beef Central. With Ian on board it has been down to work rehearsing the old songs and penning a new one which is turning out superbly horrible. It is still War Iron and rest ssured there has been no tuning up, speeding up or any commercial potential at all injected into it. First gigs will be in December - check the gig pages for further news.

5th September 2007

After Taking a look through various forums we would like to share with you some of the comments made about the band which we are very pleased to have received and for that we thank you. The guilty parties will stay anonymous:-

KDS GIG 1/9/07

- From where I was sitting the Iron had their best sound ever. Hypnotic, bludgeoning extreme sludge. The songs were too short though.

- War Iron blew me away yesterday. I have to admit I'd been underwhelmed in the past, but the combination of tightness and sound yesterday put all the pieces in place. Pure prog-sludge!! I thought the basses had a lot more top end in the sound which really suited them. Hypnotic is right, although I thought the song length was perfect - less fuckin around, more classic riffs. Baggy was on top form too. Fuckin great gig, can't wait to hear the next line-up already. More please!!

- War Iron were magnificent! I love Marty’s textured drumming, and the sound was great for them. A real treat!

- I didn't know what to expect with War Iron but I thought the 2 bass approach was great, massive big scary monster sound. It was a great gig all round and I'd have to give credit to Brian for a great sound.

- War iron were astounding as usual, the bass sounded like an electric at some points which I thought was odd, ahh the goat and his weird noises!

- Blew my sober ass face off


- War Iron were an excellent stand in - they are mesmerising live - music from a nightmare really

- War Iron - Not my thing, fast parts were cool, but not my bag at all.

-War iron made my insides shake fucking rite!!!!!!!

- War iron: didn’t know what to expect with these lot, never heard nowt before. was very pleasantly surprised. A fresh sound if you will as I have never seen that sort played before. the basses sound excellent and I believe there is usually a 3rd?? A cool opener and sludgy as fuck. still would have liked to seen scald but hey, such is life

- War Iron were alright, first time seeing them and it was great to feel the floor shake

- War Iron were amazing. SSSSOOOOOOOOO fuckin crushing.

- War Iron were fookin savage, thought the drummer was amazing, really tied he room together

- War Iron crushed, total apocalyptic seething doom filth, more please!

- War Iron - Great stuff, just crushing

War Iron and Napalm Death were fucking excellent.3rd time seeing N.D. and they have always given 110 per cent. Left in between War Iron and N.D. for food.

War Iron - First time, really interesting. Gave me a fucking headache though!

War iron, upon ripping into their second tune, shook my chest; I literally felt my ribs vibrate so hats off to them for moving me!


2nd September 2007

The Aftermath of Katy Daly's Saturday 1st September 2007

WAR IRON? Well we had a blast, I think speaking for all of the band it was one of the best onstage vibes we have had to date... For me its up there with the show in Rosetta last Xmas and the Napalm gig a week or so back. The Difference this time was that we had a far better on stage sound, so much easier to get into, it really felt like being in the practice room on stage!!!!

Cheers to James DP for our late request to fill the vacant slot on the bill and putting up with our shite. Mega cheers to Brian for the sound, the onstage sound and for (hopefully fingers crossed) the live recording we did...

As we mentioned it was Mike Sunshine’s last show, so mega thanks to him for the past 367 days (yeah 1year and 2 days since our first gig) - hope all goes well in his studies in UK. No doubt there will be some meeting up for a one-off 3Bass gig sometime in the future....

WAR IRON Aug '06 - Sept '07
Mission: Completed
Status: Success
Phase I complete.....

...........stay tuned for details of Phase II

1st Sept 07 setlist:

1) No Punishment More Severe
2) Scorched Earth Prophecy
3) Angelgrinder
4) Face The Sea


22nd August 2007

It is all go at the War Iron barracks this week, just announced Katy Daly's Ormeau Avenue BELFAST Saturday 1st Spetember 2007, War Iron will play their final gig with Mike before he heads of to London for university. It is hoped to air as much of the Iron material as possible in an extended set, come along and let us give Mike a day to remember. Where else would you be watching Snow Patrol in Bangor???? I think not!!In heaviness we trust!!

21st August 2007

We know this is news after the event but after it being announced that SCALD could not play support to Napalm Death in Belfast; War Iron stepped in to try and fill the void left by the mighty SCALD. It was a great night which the lads very much enjoyed as Napalm Death are a big influence to each member and also to all lovers of the extreme genre. Our thanks goes our to the promoters and also it was great to share the stage with Condemned and Overoth.

15th August 2007

Unfortunately we are losing a bass player due to him going off to university in England.

Replacement needs to be able to play bass, 4 string, 5 string fretted, fretless, pick or finger player all considered. Love of metal and in particular a love of Warhorse, Iron Monkey, Sloth(UK), Electric Wizard, Sunno))), Cavity, Black Sabbath etc would be a distinct advantage as well as a general love of metal, playing gigs, recording, writing. Would also be keen to have input in song writing process. Songs tend to be long and don't normally follow conventional structures (verse chorus solo etc) - vocal style is screaming and growling in ample amounts

Current tuning is to B, fuzz pedal such as Big Muff, RAT or other would be great, though not essential. We have a practice hall which is safe, secure and cheap rent in central belfast. Transport and some decent gear would be a bonus but again not essential. We have an hour or so worth of material, some of which may be recorded in the near future.

Above all enthusiasm for the metal, writing, gigging etc is more important that being a flawless well equipped bass player... having a laugh - rockin out is what we want!

No real age limits but we are all mid 30's and should know better... but don't!!!!

check out a short clip at www.myspace.com/wariron

contact baggy@heavymetal.co.uk


July 2007

At present the Iron are hard at work on new dirges. Songs that exist at this date are Angelgrinder, Face The Sea, No Punishment so Severe. By no means have the guys been lazy as these 3 songs clock in at a minbending total of 40 minutes. One more song and the album is ready for recording. Time has not been on the side of War Iron of late between other commintments and the rest of the nonsense that goes with everyday life. During August 07 there will be two appearances by War Iron. The first of these being:



July, 28 2007 at Rosetta Bar
Rosetta Road Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Cost : £10

SPITKNOT return with a new set, 3 support bands TBC SUPPORT FROM: Honey For Christ, Escape fails, War Iron, Sewer Rich - doors at 8pm - you may need i.d. to prove your age if you look under 18 - sorry, thems the rules.... tickets £8 in advance from www.wegottickets.com or £10 at the door.


The second being

Please come along and support these gigs and get seriously damaged by War Iron as well as the other bands.