The year is 2005 sludge deviants THE NAUT spew forth their bile for the last time at Cork's Doom 101 From the resulting quagmire the SLOMATICS rise to continue punishing audiences around the country. This left two dealers of filth at a loose end. What happened next is the forthcoming insult to sight and mind which is WAR IRON.

Baggy and Marty pulled resources and after some false starts and ridiculous situations the other half of the melting pot was found in the shape of Dave from metal maniacs DEVILMAKESTHREE and Mike from pop combo Sunshine. Originally Dave was to take on guitar but it was decided it just wasn't heavy enough and the human race needed more punishment in the shape of two bass players.

Rehearsals began and resulted in hymns of bile and dirge. Gigs await the unsuspecting public. WAR IRON will only give one chance at submission.