Save Liverpool's Docks & Waterspaces
Deprived of its unique dockland waters Liverpool becomes a Venice without canals, just another city, no longer of special interest to anyone, least of all the tourist.

Would we visit a modernised Venice of filled in canals simply to view its modern museum describing how it once was?


City Centre Docks Reduced to Canal Boat Depths Prevents Historic Ships berthing at Liverpool

Shamefully, the historic military ship collection, had to leave the Mersey because a home cannot be found at Liverpool Docks near the city centre. Many docks have been reduced in depth to accommodate inland canal barges. This heritage insulting mill-town development cannot accommodate deep water vessels - in deep water Liverpool. The tall sailing ships cannot berth near Liverrpool city centre as the docks are given over to barges.

The docks were filled to create a lucrative waste dump for developers. Once again more short sightedness by the city hinders the future. See: Canal Link, West Waterloo In-fill and Princes Half-Tide Docks on the Menu.

City violates UNESCO World Heritage Status agreement

The partial in-filling of Princes, Princes Half Tide Dock, Trafalgar Dock and the intended proposed filling in of West Waterloo is in violation of the World Heritage Status agreement.

UNESCO protected dock marine life killed

The essential and unique marine life has been killed at West Waterloo and Princes Half-Tide Docks.

Click on UNESCO Violations by City on the Menu.

Land by Stealth in the Wirral

The Wirral Waters project has a Land by Stealth angle built in by the developers, Peel.  They propose to fill in about half of Vittoria Dock,  Will river fronting Egerton, Morpeth and Alfred Docks be filled in to generate lucrative land for the developers at our expense? Click on Wirral Waters - Birkenhead Docks
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We were promised this.............
But got this...........
Yes, this is Liverpool's World Heritage Site.

Photo courtesy of Dave Wood at Liverpool Pictorial

A waste processing dump on an infilled deep-water historic dock, creating a shallow inland barge basin. How insulting to the city's deep-water maritime heritage.

Future city around historic waterspaces and docks?
New Amsterdam of North West Europe?
Without Water?

This Web Site Promotes:

  • The preservation of the existing dock network and waterspaces - the jewels in Liverpool's crown

  • Excavation of infilled docks to reclaim waterspaces, our history and heritage

  • The construction of the new Amsterdam at Liverpool and Wirral
Liverpool's Water Based Legacy - The Jewels in the Crown

The city of Liverpool inherited a brilliant legacy of redundant intertwining docks and waterways - the largest, finest, enclosed, interconnected, built of granite dock system in the world. Many have compared the dock system to the building of the pyramids. The docks and waterspaces are the jewels in Liverpool's crown - the future of the city, based on its past. The docks and quays are ready to create an Amsterdam, a Hamburg, a Venice of North Western Europe. A legacy every other city in Europe would drool over. This legacy is being squandered.

Docks so Unique World Heritage Status was Assigned

Liverpool docks were considered so historically important to the industrial revolution and populating the New World, UNESCO awarded World Heritage Status to sections of the interconnected docks and waterways.

UNESCO state: "Many of the former docks survive to the form of now redundant water bodies. These are an important aspect of the Site's significance and character and their conservation and use requires consideration within future sustainable regeneration schemes."

Would We Destroy The Pyramids?

The enclosed interconnected Liverpool docks in magnitude and construction is akin to the pyramids - American writer Herman Melville, amongst others, noted this. This magnificent feat of engineering, built into the river bed, is slowly being destroyed by systematic irresponsible infilling.  Most of this in-flling is clearly to create land for private profit.

Liverpool Docks Populated the New World 

More emigrants departed from Liverpool than any other port in the populating of the New World - the largest migration of people in history. Liverpool docks are the counterpart of the piers of the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Ellis Island - two historical sites valued and preserved by the USA. The United Nations descibed Liverpool Docks as being of “universal human significance”. Liverpool is custodian of these docks which are of world importance in the history of mankind.

Docks and Waterways Disappearing at an Alarming Rate

This unique dock waterway creation has been disappearing at an alarming rate. In the past few decades: Herculaneum, Harrington,  Toxteth, parts of Queens, Kings, Dukes, Victoria and Trafalgar Docks have been filled in. Many of these docks date from the 1700s. Half of the South End Docks and large sections of Central Docks have been filled in. A vast water acreage, larger than many major ports in the world, has disappeared. The Wirral has lost large acres of water space at Bidston, Wallasey, Morpeth Branch and Bromborough Docks.

City On The Water Promised

After the success of the Albert Dock preservation and conversion to residential and leisure facilities, the people of Liverpool were promised a city on the water. A water centric city, with the population living within the waterscape in high quality developments, centering the city around the renovated historic docks and waterspaces. Little of this promise has been realised. Far too much emphasis has been to develop the dock waterspaces for commercial activities rather than accomodate people who would make the waterspaces vibrant raising the quality of life. At the current rate of dock infill there will be little left of any historic water to build around. An easily realised dream is being shattered.

Lack of Strategy Assists in Water Space Disappearance

The total lack of a firm strategy directing the dock water spaces and river waterfront, is responsible for the disappearance of large swathes of dock water spaces over the past three decades. UNESCO criticised the city for not having a master plan in place for the dock water spaces. The city has been devalued in many ways because of lack of foresight. A strategy protecting the water spaces and outlining the future usages and look and feel of the docks water spaces is urgently needed. Otherwise, it is constant needless iterations of developers proposing dock in-fills to make fast bucks generating land and campaigns to stop it.

Below: Liverpool and Birkenhead Docks in 1972. Liverpool docks stretched for over 7.5 miles (12 kilometres). Birkenhead Docks, where E Float and W Float are on the map, move inland and end at Bidston Moss. .

A wonderful unique Waterscape is slowly becoming an unattractive Landscape.

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