Hamburg and Amsterdam

How to do it properly

Amsterdam and Hamburg have successfully converted industrial docks and waterways to highly successful attractive water based environments, basing their cities around these old waterways and docks.  These cities value the water and the quality of life water brings to the people.  Infilling of docks and waterways is never considered.  These two cities are clear examples of how to convert industrial waterways to residential, leisure and commercial use.

If waterways were to be filled in it would more likely create riots the water systems are valued so much.  Yet Liverpool shamefully continues to fill in docks and waterways, with a population largely apathetic to this rape of their history and heritage.  A history and heritage that outstrips Hamburg and Amsterdam.
Attrractive old waterways in Hamburg
Modern overhanging builings in Hamburg

People living right on the water in Amsterdam
The Dutch show how to do it in famous Amsterdam