Cyberwave EMS music synthesizer and sample CD manufacturers

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.Cyberwave EMS is a specialist synthesizer design company based in the U.K.Our aim is to create innovative and unusual products.Please

take the time to listen to some of our MP3 demos and do feel free to contact us.

The Waveplant synthesizer system offers musicians and producers a unique resource of new synth ideas -if you like big walls of sound then you have come to the right place! As the Waveplant is a one-off synthesizer freedom from the limitations of mass production means the design effort was focused exclusively on creating the best possible sound. Part of the concept is to bridge the gap between gimmicky sound effects that cannot really be used musically and more conventional instrument sounds.


Consider the fact that musicians and engineers sometimes spend hours or even days of expensive studio time on one sound and then compare that to the cost of the Waveplant CD! There is and will only ever be one Waveplant synthesizer and none of the sounds have been released in any form before.The sounds are in audio, .Wav and Soundfont format. The Waveplant series is ongoing - the Waveplant CMI software synthesizer is now available exclusivly from this site.








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