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updated November 2014
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LF and MF Experiments etc - 17
Sound Card Receiver
Having run my 500kHz grabber for some time using a SoftRock Lite SDR receiver I naturally wished to add 136kHz captures. Unfortunately I was unable to source another SoftRock Lite SDR kit. This would have been useful because I already had the modification details for the 136kHz band. The only way I could do this at the time was to use my JRC NRD-345 receiver, this I did and it was a success.

Recently I wanted to use my JRC for other things but it meant that I would have to remove it from the grabber service occasionally. I looked at magazines and the internet etc. for a suitable home brew receiver circuit but unable to find anything that was suitable. Later I was inspired by the soundcard receiver which Stefan DK7FC designed and placed details on the LF e-mail forum . After much thought and several mistakes and updates I finally built a receiver for use  in place of my trusty JRC. The result of my efforts you will see on the 136kHz captures regularly uploaded to my MF/LF grabber at :-   

I have published the circuit and photographs of the soundcard receiver below.
G4WGT Soundcard Receiver inside and outside
Original circuit by Stefan DK7FC
G4WGT Soundcard Receiver final circuit
LF & MF experiments 16
LF & MF experiments 18 LF & MF experiments 16