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updated November 2015
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LF and MF Experiments etc - 22

November 2014

Having completed the construction of the top load on the ground, I have lowered and tilted the mast and installed the assembly. There are also some minor repairs and other maintenance to attend to.

The upper section of the vertical feed wire from the elevated coil to the top load has now been replaced and lower section from below the elevated coil to the base tuning coils at a later date.

I have used high quality pure copper loudspeaker wire. The wire make up consists of a 1.5mm core of 150 x 0.01mm twisted strands, rated at greater than 6 Amps, the insulated diameter is 4.2mm. I used one core for the upper section and will use 2 cores for the lower section at a later date.

The new top load.

(other antennas

and with the Starlings).

November 2015

Doesn’t time fly ?

Although it is 12 months since my last update and had lots of time to evaluate the current top load I have not made any further changes.

The antenna has worked very well up until now but the recent storms here have caused damage to the elevated coil and the vertical wire section. With the antenna in this poor condition I am not able to transmit on MF or LF.

The “Anti-Starling” measures I added to the top load have been a useful deterrent to about 50% of Starlings perching on the antenna but requires the installation of another level of nylon fishing line to the radial arms at a greater separation and therefore a greater obstruction to the perching Starlings.

Weather and time permitting to safely tilt the mast I will carry out an inspection and repair the faults.

The faults and damage have been repaired, antenna tested and now OK.