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updated January 2017
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LF and MF Experiments etc - 23


January 2017

Well , it has been a long time since I carried out any updates to these pages. Things seem to have been running well, that is until late 2016.

Around September/October last year I had a severe failure of my 300 watt G0MRF class D transmitter. Unfortunately due to the extent of the damage caused to the PCB I decided to scrap it as BER (Beyond Economical Repair), as we used label things when I was in “entertainment electronics”.

In respect of concerns from my XYL about climbing ladders and other means of getting to the upper-most part of the antenna structure and my own concerns regarding my age and loosing confidence when climbing to carry out repairs and modifications to the antennas. The decision was to remove the top LF part.

Yes, the top 3 metres of the LF part of the structure, ie. The 3 x 3 metre top load and its supporting fibreglass pole hung in free air about 3 metres from the ground. This was because the mast pivoted from the rear of my garage  towards the front but there was a good 3 metres of overhang and accessing this was getting scary these days.

Here is a photo of the top part of a previous spiral top LF antenna with the mast lowered and tilted over more or less horizontal. This shows my next door neighbours house and the gutter on my house (black plastic thing on left of photo). On the right, drawing of the mast as it is now.

Click image for larger display.