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updated November 2014
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Low Frequency - 2
Above is also a photograph of my first low frequency antenna loading coils. These were constructed on two large cooking oil drums and the lower of the two also contained a variometer tuner. The wire was 2.5mm  solid drawn conductor stripped from a 100 metre drum of twin and earth electrical wire.

The variometer was remotely controlled from the shack using a 12 volts DC geared motor.

The following pages are rather like a diary of events mainly concerned with antenna experiments along with other experiments and changes for better or worse.
To improve my receive capabilities on 136 kHz I constructed a G3LNP loop and balanced pre-amp, this antenna works very well indeed for the 136 kHz low frequency band. I also built a LF tuning meter, designed by Jim Moritz - M0BMU, to get the best from my low frequency transmit antenna.

The first dedicated low frequency antenna I made was based on an umbrella configuration, this worked quite well for me. So now with the need to carry out antenna improvements I constructed a ground loss bridge from notes by Alan (G3NYK), Johan (SM6LKN) & Lloyd (VK5BR). The Marathon Tx VFO and case was recycled to become a 136 kHz antenna ground loss bridge.  Modifications by Jim M0BMU were also made to the G0MRF transmitter PA toroid.