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Here I am during the late 1950‘s with my first ‘real’ radio, the HRO junior in my bedroom SWL shack and more recently in my present day ‘Ham Radio Shack’.
As far as I can remember, my first encounter with radio communications and amateur radio was about 1952/3 during  my late schooling ( I left school in 1954 at the age of 15 years). I was introduced to this type of radio communication when I accompanied my father on a visit to one of his work friends (Jock) who turned out to be a “Short Wave Listener”. Whilst my father and Jock were carrying out their business I was left in a small room to listen on a one valve short wave radio with headphones, this I found was quite thrilling and exciting and asked to accompany my father on further visits. I became so interested in listening that eventually Jock gave me one of his spare radio’s. I set up my own “shack” under the stairs at home with a long wire aerial in the loft.

Due to this acquired interest when I left school I was fortunate to gain an apprenticeship with a small radio & television business. Of course it has all snowballed since then. I continued the hobby as a  short wave listener for 18 years expanding my knowledge within the hobby and in 1963 passed the “Radio Amateurs Exam” and because of my background in radio and television servicing obtained the UK Amateur Television (ATV) licence. The call sign G6ACF/T was issued to me. The following year UK class ‘B’ operators were allowed to use the 2 metre band so I secured the call sign G8BQO and eventually let the ATV licence lapse due to lack of interest in that field. 1983 saw the sequential approach of the class ‘A’ call sign in which the letters were my initials so I learned the morse code and passed the 12 words per minute test in December 1983, applied for the call sign G4WGT and duly received that in February 1984 (I think I really cut it fine there).

Since then I have operated on all bands from 2200 metres (137 kHz) to 23 centimetres (1296 MHz) using many different transmitting modes.
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