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Sub 9kHz - 7
I carried out transmit tests on 8.968kHz today. Starting with continuous carrier for 1 hour or longer & then a short message at QRSS600 which will be repeated if time allows. Any reports or comments will be welcome.

The on air test ran from 11:30utc to 17:10utc with a continuous carrier. Details were posted after the tests were completed, no reception reports were announced.
23rd January 2011 - 9kHz Transmit Test .
I did have obvious problems as there was no measurable antenna current although 0.5A was detected into a 50 ohm dummy load. This confirms that the matching and/or coupling was at fault. More work required before any future tests can be announced. The early part of the test is shown here on the monitor receiver.
6th February 2011 - DK7FC's 10th VLF Kite Experiment .
I was able to receive a good copy of Stefan's 8.970kHz signal but unable to see any signal at 5.170kHz.

I used the same hardware as previously but the SpecLab configuration was a narrower setting and I did not get as clean a copy as the December test. I believe that the VLF receive system requires some improvements.
11th February 2011 -  192kHz Sound Card.
I recently upgraded my PC by replacing the motherboard, CPU and memory. When I checked the specifications more closely I read that the onboard sound card would support 192kHz 24bit.

I have now utilized this sound card for my VLF loop receiver, if I require the coverage can be 0 to 96kHz as you will see from the Spectrum Laboratory screen capture.

Sub 9kHz 6