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Grab 1 - 472.000 to 479.000 kHz - Full Band View
Using a SoftRock Lite SDR and a Mini-Whip active antenna designed by Roelof PA0RDT about 9 metres high.
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Grab 2 - 135.700kHz to 137.800kHz - Full Band View
The receiver is a 137kHz Soundcard Receiver - original idea by Stefan DK7FC
and the antenna is a Mini-Whip active antenna by Roelof PA0RDT about 9 metres high.
Grabber Mini-Whip
Welcome to my multi-grabber page - North West England - Locator IO83qo

Grab 1 - 472.000 kHz to 479.000 kHz - Full Band View
Grab 2 - 135.700 kHz to 137.800 kHz - Full Band View
Grab 3 - 136.172 kHz and 137.777 kHz center frequency’s (split screen)
Grab 4 - VLF 8.270 kHz
The displayed frequency ranges may change to follow current band activity
Scroll down to view the captures. To see a recent history of captures click a grab image ( viewed in a new window ).

The capture software is “Spectrum Lab” by Wolf DL4YHF and uploaded using “DropBox” for grabber
and “MS One Drive” for recent history at various intervals. Page auto refresh at 3 minute intervals.
The screen shots may at times be disrupted depending on what is going on in the shack.
More details are shown in the grab information box at the top left of each image.

Grab 3 - 137.777 kHz (center frequency)

The receiver is a 137 kHz soundcard receiver - original idea by Stefan DK7FC

and the antenna is a Mini-Whip active antenna by Roelof PA0RDT at about 9 metres high.

GRABBER STATUS - Normal Operation


Please note that grabber is now using MS One Drive for recent history display as Google Drive failed yet again.

*** NB. *** I have changed back to a full spectrum of the 472-479 kHz band as the split arrangement was messy & confusing.

I have also changed the oscillator crystal frequency in the SoftRock SDR hoping to get a better 472-479 kHz band display.

 VLF Grabber now active - Grab 4
Antenna - Currently using a PA0RDT Mini-Whip at 9 meters high
M0BMU 9kHz pre-amp
& filter
M0BMU 9kHz pre-amp
Grab 4 - VLF - 8270 Hz
Employing a 7.80 kHz to 10.50 kHz band-pass filter
PA0RDT Mini-Whip active antenna
PA0RDT Mini-Whip Details