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5th  September 2012
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Pond Fish 2
This year (2012) has seen a dramatic increase in size of the remaining large Koy Carp (red and black colour). For a while we had suspected something wrong with the fish as it was continuously jumping high out of the water. Being concerned that it may jump and fall back on the rocks which surround the pond and damage itself we visited one of our local pond fish specialist centres. Hearing our description of the problem and asking a few questions expert determined that due to the small size of the pond (500 gallons) and the large size of the fish that there was a lack of oxygen to support a fish of that size. His recommendation was either to fit some air stones to oxygenate the water or give he fish to someone with a much larger pond.

Our decision was to ask our daughter and her partner to have the fish from us in their very large pond and they agreed. When the fish was collected we were surprised to be offered 5 small fish in exchange which were born the year before. The new fish are now at home in our pond and the large Koy settled in its new home.

NB.....An air stone is a very porous stone which is placed at the bottom of the pond and connected to an air pump to send small bubbles of air into the water to provide a higher level of oxygen.

I will include some more pictures of the pond at a later date.