The Wharfedale Line

Welcome to the Wharfedale line. On this site you will find details of things to look out for when travelling along the line, a few facts about some of the places it passes through, and also a little about the recent history of the line.


The site has been put together by Peter Denbigh. I travelled on it as a boy from around 1950 and it includes a few of my early memories of those days, as well as more recent times.


The line is perhaps one of the most striking examples of how wrong a large number of the Beeching closures were. It survived total closure at this time by the skin of its teeth largely through the hard work put in by the Ilkley Railway Group. It is now one of the busiest in West Yorkshire following its electrification. Unfortunately the  User Group ceased to function in April 2014, largely because it was a victim of its own success. My own personal view is that such a group is still needed to monitor the services on the line and keep the operators on their toes. Any volunteers?


Wharfedale Rail Users Group




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