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                                       Why not explore the Mosses?

The National Nature Reserve belongs to you. Why not come and see it?
English Nature runs a series of guided walks, events and talks throughout the year.

Opening of the Moss trailsThree interconnecting Mosses Trails explore both the Mosses and adjoining Llangollen Canal. They start from either Morrisís Bridge (SJ 493355) or the Marl Allotment at Roundthorn Bridge (SJ 501357) on the canal, and link to the Manor House NNR Base, Whixall, and Fennís Old Works on the disused railway line in Bronington.

The trails range from 2 km to 4 km long and can be combined to create longer walks of up to 7 km.  The routes are marked by a series of arrowed posts and are easy to walk. 

Beware! Fennís & Whixall Mosses are riddled with drains, many of which, like the canal, contain deep water, sometimes with floating vegetation. On the Mosses, keep to the safe wide tracks left by the peat cutting.

The trail leaflet acts as a permit for the NNR only along the route. For safety reasons, if you wish to explore deeper into the NNR, away from the peripheral public rights of way, please send for a free long-term permit from the address below, or come on a guided walk.


 The natural environment can be hazardous:

        Keep to mown or way-marked routes.

        Do not smoke on the Moss at any time of year.

        Watch out for adders. If bitten, keep calm and seek medical attention.

        Keep dogs on a lead or strictly at heel.

        Do not collect plants or animals.

        Trees can be unstable on the peat.

        Watch out for canal mooring ropes, metal work, projecting roots and branches, holes and tussocks.



Explore on a guided walk

Fennís, Whixall & Bettisfield Mosses National Nature Reserve

Events  2006

Try one of NATURAL ENGLAND & the COUNTRYSIDE COUNCIL for WALESí events, or explore
the Mosses and Llangollen Canal at any time on the MOSSES TRAILS, which start at Morrisís
Bridge or Roundthorn Bridge, Whixall.

Go to the WHAT'S ON page to see a list of events for the current year

All events except talks MUST be booked in advance by contacting Jackie Giles on 01743 282000 on weekdays, or Joan Daniels on  07974 784799 on weekends and are free unless stated

(e-mailcaroline.evans@naturalengland.org.uk or visit www.naturalengland.org.uk)

For more information about the Mosses, for permits, to buy the Fennís and Whixall Mosses book or for dates of guided walks, please contact:

The Site Manager, English Nature, Manor House, Moss Lane, Whixall, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 2PD (Tel. 01948 880362, fax. 01948 880422)

Natural England is the government agency that champions the conservation of wildlife and natural features throughout England. (http://www.naturalengland.org.uk

The Countryside Council for Wales is the governmentís statutory adviser on wildlife and countryside and maritime conservation matters in Wales. (http://www.ccw.gov.uk)