Whixall C of E (Controlled) Primary School

Whixall C of E (Controlled) Primary School was established in 1967 and occupies the buildings of what was originally Whixall County School. During the middle sixties it was decided to close the Church of England Primary School at Edstaston, and the Council School at Whixall and amalgamate these with the Whixall Church School into a larger unit based on the Council School Site which is our present home.

The older part of the school was built in 1891 and remains largely unaltered except for the conversion of two classrooms into a small hall and the provision of dining accommodation. In addition to these facilities, this part of the school also houses the head teacher's and secretary's offices, and one classroom.

To help cater for the increase in numbers, four large demountable classrooms were also provided and these house three of our present four classes, a staffroom and a computer suite room which is also a pure year 6 classroom.

There are many display areas and all staff work very hard to ensure that the environment in which the children work and play, is attractive, comfortable and educationally stimulating.

There is one playground at present and an extensive school field which includes a full size football pitch, a five a side football pitch, a netball court and a hard tennis court. During the summer months these are replaced by an athletics track, cricket pitch and two rounders pitches.

The school grounds also contain a pond area available for class studies of pond life and a wild area for the study of wild plants and creatures.

For a programme of dates for the current school year terms and holidays please contact Whixall School on 01948-880330.

Your child will be able to start full time education at this school on the first day of the term in which he or she becomes 5 years old. The first days at school for young children can be very daunting and tiring. To help make your child's start with us easy and as enjoyable as possible we are able to offer the following optional induction package:-

During the term before they start full-time education your child can begin part time school on the first Wednesday afternoon after the beginning of term and then also on the first Friday afternoon after half term. E.g. If your child was starting full time at Easter they would be able to start part time from the beginning of the January term. If you wish to have further details of this scheme please contact the head teacher or secretary. We also write to parents prior to their children being offered the induction option inviting them to come along on an informal visit to the school. On these occasions we like to show parents and children round the school and to deal with any queries they may have. We have found that these simple introductions to school help make your child's first full time day less daunting - and your own first day less anxious. Of course if you wish to visit the school before the school contacts you of if you are new to the area please phone the school to arrange a time to visit.

We are extremely fortunate insofar as we have a pre-school nursery at the school. We have spaces for 26 pupils. Demand for these places is considerable therefore we strongly advise that you enlist your child well in advance of their eligible starting date. Priority is given to children who will be receiving full time education at Whixall School. Children are accepted into the nursery from the age of 3 years. They will become eligible for free nursery education at the start of the term in which they become 3 years 8 months. They then commence their full time education at the start of the term in which they become 5 years old.

The Nursery is open every day from 9 am until 3.15 pm. A lunch club is provided if required from 12.00 pm until 12.45 pm. Details and pre-school information packs are available from the school.

Pre School Lending Library

A very important aspect of your child's education is the ability to read and to take an interest in books. Here at Whixall School we offer to the parents of all pre-school children the chance to visit the school each Wednesday between 2.00 pm and 3.00 pm. Whilst at the school the mums and dads may borrow a library book suitable for the younger child. These books may be kept for a week and then exchanged. You are invited to accompany your children and join the children of class 1 in structured play sessions in the school hall.

We hope that this scheme will encourage both children and parents in the important process of learning to read. Of course it also provides another opportunity for the children to come to school in a meaningful way and thus help to ease the day when full time education starts.

For further information about the activities, facilities and policies of Whixall School please contact the school secretary on 01948-880330