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                                       The Whixall Millennium Map Project and
                                       Whixall in Stitches


Photo Collage of Whixall LifeWhixall began preparing for the millennium in 1997 and by 1998 had produced a Photo-collage depicting life in Whixall at the turn of the century. This was presented to the Social Centre in September 1998. A group of about 20 people were involved in the project taking photographs of buildings, people and scenes of village life and cutting and pasting the photographs onto a background in the shape of the parish boundary. 

Ceramic Map of WhixallAlmost immediately our second project began involving new faces but also faces from the first project. This project was a ceramic map of Whixall consisting of 100 handmade tiles made from Whixall clay and fired in a kiln in Whixall.  These were then painted either with scenes of Whixall life or part of the map of Whixall on which every property appears. Further firing took place and the tiles were mounted on a board and surrounded with a picture frame.  This too was presented to the Social Centre in September 1999.

In late 1999 another group, of mainly ladies, commenced work on the final part of the Millennium Map Project, two wall hangings, one for each of the Non-conformist chapels (Welsh End Methodist and Whixall United Reformed Chapel) and an all seasons altar frontal for St Mary’s Parish Church.  These were completed, with help from West Hope College near Craven Arms, in time for each one to be presented at the respective church/chapel’s Harvest Thanksgiving service. The day prior to the first of these services all three embroideries were on display at a party at the Whixall Social Centre. 
                        The United Reform Church Banner
  The St Mary's Altar Frontage  The Welsh End Methodist Banner


The sewing ladies got so used to meeting every other Tuesday that they continue to do so until this day.  As a result of these meetings the ladies of Whixall in Stitches have just completed a wall -hanging commemorating the Queen’s Golden Jubilee which again is hung in Whixall Social Centre.
As can be seen it depicts various activities and places that form part of Whixall life. To view enlarged pictures of the individual embroideries click on each of the thumbnail pictures below and select 'back' on your browser to return to this page afterwards.

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