Last updated: 12 June 2003

Entries from the Marriage Registers of All Saints Church, Caddington

Each entry is normally formatted as follows (when available/readable):
Entry number, Date
Groom's name, occupation, residence, father's name, father's occupation
Bride's name, residence, father's name, father's occupation

William Perry
Sarah Ambrose

John Perry
Lydia Cherry

John Godfrey
Elizabeth Perry

James Wilkinson
Ann Lightfoot

William Bland
Sarah Lightfoot

James Belshaw
Sarah Perry

11 7:11:1816
Henry Norris
Ann Godfrey
Wit: James Smart, Mary Payn

13 17:12:1816
Thomas Squires of Luton
Elizabeth Hunt
Wit: Ann Sear, Sarah Hunt

31 3:02:1816
George Clark
Mary Burgess
Wit: Joseph Shepherd, Elizabeth Shepherd

37 2:10:1816
Thomas Purton (widower)
Mary Clark
Wit: Francis Smart, Isobella Austin

56 21:03:1818
William Clark
Sarah Ammertage
Wit: John Perry,

68 26:04:1819
William Lightfoot
Ann Balls
Wit: ?.?

78 6:11:1819
William Currant
Sarah Perry
Wit: Francis Smart, Joseph Holland

83 5:02:1820
Joseph Holland
Elizabeth Godfrey
Wit: Richard Child, Sarah Godfrey

90 11:10:1820
Thomas Iredale of Market Street
Nancy Lightfoot of Market Street, a minor with the consent of her father Richard Lightfoot
Wit: Henry Ames, Elizabeth North

92 14:10:1820
John Perry (widower)
Sarah Currant
Wit: Francis Smart, Mary ?

109 12:10:1822 (written as 1882)
Thomas Godfrey
Ann Armitage
Wit: Francis Smart, James Perry

122 12:06:1823
George Pout
Eliza Smith
Wit: Sarah Pout, Sarah Smith

157 28:08:1826
John Godfrey
Sarak Bonnick
Wit: William Godfrey, Ann Bonnick

261 12:03:1833
Francis Piggot, Luton
Catherine Samm
Wit: Henry Piggot, Elizabeth Piggot

324 25:10:1836
Thomas Higgs
Catherine Bell
Wit: John Smith, Mary Bell

9 26:11:1837
William Carter, Francis Carter, shoemaker
Anna Piggot, William Piggot, Labourer
Wit: Mary Piggot

95 13:07:1844
William Bell, Labourer, Edward Bell, Labourer
Elizabeth Welch, Thomas Welch, Labourer
Wit: John Welch, Eliza Bell

103 16:11:1844
John Clark, Labourer, Folly, George Clark, Labourer
Eliza Cadd, Folly -----
Wit: John Reynolds, Eliza Clark

110 14:06:1845
John Clark, Labourer, Limbury, John Clark, Labourer
Maria Cross, Pepperstock, William Cross, Labourer
Wit: James Horton, Eliza Horton

134 17:02:1846
William Godfrey, Labourer, William Godfrey, Labourer
Maria Bell, Edward Bell, Labourer
Wit:John Smith, Mary Bell

146 10:08:1846
Soloman Godfrey, Blocker, Caddington, William Godfrey, Labourer
Sarah Wilkinson, Caddington, John Wilkinson, Labourer
Wit: John Smart, Elizabeth Welch

154 05:12:1846
John Reynolds, Labourer, Caddington, William Reynolds, Labourer
Eliza Clark, Caddington, George Clark, Labourer
Wit: Samuel Reynolds, Eliza Rufford?

182 20:05:1848
Thomas Dell, Labourer, Caddington, Daniel Dell, Labourer
Ann Currant, Caddington, Joseph Currant
Wit: John Currant, Sarah Currant

188 22:09:1848
James Papworth, Labourer, Caddington, Benjamin Papworth, Labourer
Sarah Clark, Caddington, Daniel Clark, Shoemaker
Wit: William Fleckney, Jane Punter

189 22:09:1848
Daniel Goodwin, Labourer, Caddington, Thomas Goodwin, Labourer
Sarah Clark (minor), Caddington, William Clark, Labourer
Wit: George Clark, Ann Scrivener

208 08:01:1849
Thomas Hunt, Tailor, Caddington, William Hunt, Groom
Elizabeth Clark, Caddington, Emanuel Clark, Farmer
Wit: George Hunt, Sophia Richardson

214 29:04:1849
Joseph Godfrey (widower), Labourer, Caddington, John Godfrey, Labourer
Elizabeth Tuffs (widow), Caddington, Thomas Odd, Labourer
Wit: William Godfrey, Mary Palmer

228 24:11:1849
George Clark, Labourer, Caddington, William Clark, Labourer
Sarah Goodwin (minor), Caddington, Thomas Goodwin, Labourer
Wit: Daniel Goodwin, Mary Goodwin

248 07:05:1851
James Clark, Labourer, Caddington, John Clark, Labourer
Eleanor Messender, Caddington, Henry Messender, Plait Beater
Wit: George Messender, Sarah Thomas

256 14:02:1852
William Hooton, Labourer, Caddington, William Hooton, Carpenter
Mary Clark (minor), Caddington, William Clark, Labourer
Wit: Frederick Harris, Dinah Winters

269 18:11:1852
William Payne, 31, Widower, Labourer, William Payne, Labourer
Elizabeth Bell, 32, widow Thomas Welch, Labourer
Wit: Jonah (or Josiah?) Burgess, Sara Stokes

276 15:10:1853
Samuel Currant, 23, Labourer, Caddington, Joseph Currrant, Labourer
Elizabeth Morehen, 22, Caddington, Benjamin Morehen, Labourer
Wit: Thomas Bell, Anna Currant

308 22:10:1855
Arthur Clark,21, Labourer, Caddington, George Clark, Labourer
Emma Butlin, 21, Caddington, William Butlin, Labourer
Wit: John Reynolds, Eliza Reynolds

319 11:07:1856
Thomas Bell,23, Labourer ----
Anna Currant, 20, Joseph Currant, Labourer
Wit: John East, Ann Long

405 26:05:1861
Eli Bell, Labourer ----
Mary Ann Currant, Joseph Currant, Labourer
Wit: Thomas Bell, Ellen Ray(?)

418 27:09:1862
Henry Cherry, Labourer, Caddington, Thomas Cherry, Labourer
Mary Ann Godfrey, Caddington, Thomas Godfrey, Labourer
Wit: Thomas Coleman, Mary Ann Bunyan

433 27:04:1863
Christopher Currant, Journeyman, Caddington, Samuel Currant, dead
Mary Lee, Caddington William Lee, Labourer
Wit: William Smith, Eliza Lee

466 30:07:1865
George Clark (minor), Labourer, Caddington, William Clark, Labourer
Catherine Jarno, Caddington, Thomas Jarno, Labourer
Wit: Isaac Clark, Louisa Hull

486 15:09:1866
William Day, Labourer, Slip End, William Day, Labourer
Betsy Clark, Slip End, Daniel Clark, Foreman at Brickkiln
Wit: John Perry, Ann Perry

39 25:12:1870
Job Mardle, Labourer, Caddington, Thomas Mardle, Labourer
Betsy Godfrey, Caddington, William Godfrey, Labourer
Wit: Amos Mardle, Ruth Smith

50 11:09:1871
David Bandy, 24, Clerk, Caddington, George Bandy, dead
Mary Ann Godfrey, 22, Caddington, William Godfrey, Labourer
Wit: George Bandy, Lizzie Smith

54 23:12:1871
Samuel Currant, Labourer, Brickhill, Samuel Currant, dead
Ann Pugh, Brickhill, ---
Wit: Alfred Bullenfield, Eliza Embley

58 05:05:1872
Alfred Mardell, Bricklayer, Caddington, William Mardell, dead
Emma Clark, Caddington, William Clark, Labourer
Wit: Herbert Sharp, Eliza Hill

64 18:01:1873
Abel Currant, Labourer, Caddington, Joseph Currrant, dead
Sarah Ann Wilson, Caddington, Richard Wilson, dead
Wit: George Bassil, Emma Coleman

66 10:03:1878
John Shinger(?), hempmaker, Markyate, James Shinger(?), Watersmith?
Emma Piggot, Markyate Joseph Piggot, dead
Wit:James Shinger, Mary Ann Piggot

74 10:08:1873
Henry Flitton, Labourer, Markyate, Jonas? Flitton, Labourer
Anne Fox, widow, Markyate, William Worrell, Labourer

77 11:10:1873
Alfred Currant, 21, Labourer, Caddington ---
Mary Jane Hill, 20, Caddington, Joseph Hill, Labourer
Wit: James Randall, Mary Clark

86 06:09:1874
James Randall, Labourer, Caddington, Edward Randall, dead
Mary Ann Clark, Caddington, William Clark, dead
Wit: Alfred Mardle, Emma Mardle

97 02:10:1875
John William Glenister (widower), Blocker, Caddington, John Glenister, dead
Ellen Clark, Caddington, William Clark, dead
Wit: John Smart, Mary Jane Currant

103 03:06:1876
John Riley, 21, Bricklayer, Woodside, George Stonewell, Bricklayer
Mary Clark, 20, Woodside, John Clarke, Bricklayer
Wit: Frederick Hoar, Eliza Clark

118 09:07:1877
William Wright, widower, Labourer, Markyate John Wright, Carpenter
Mary Flitton, Markyate William Flitton, dead
Wit: James Walker, Elizabeth Munn?

129 25:12:1878
Arthur Godfrey, Bricklayer, Caddington, William Godfrey, Labourer
Louisa Chesham, Caddington, John Chesham, Licensed Victualler
Wit: William Sharp, Sarah Godfrey

136 19:08:1879
Jason Himpey (Himpery?), Policeman, Wandsworth, Thomas Himpey, Labourer
Ann Dudley, Caddington, Thomas Dudley, Labourer
Wit: Richard Dudley, Elizabeth Dudley

138 24:01:1880
Walter Bell, Labourer, Caddington, Thomas Bell, Juror?
Alice Burgess, Aley Green, James Burgess, dead
Wit: Eli Austin, Sarah Bell

139 21:02:1880
Jeremiah Dudley, Labourer, Caddington, Thomas Dudley, dead
Elizabeth Hull, Caddington William Hull, Labourer
Wit: William Dudley, Livvie? Dudley

147 25:12:1880
Herbert Goodman, Butcher, Markyate St, George Goodman, Butcher
Eliza Clarke, Caddington, William Clarke, dead
Wit: Alfred Mardle, Sarah Ann Cousins

148 27:01:1881
Alfred Godfrey, Bricklayer, Caddington, William Godfrey, Labourer
Elizabeth Burgess, Aley Green, Amos Burgess, Labourer
Wit: William Gazely, Cate? Burgess

150 05:02:1881
Eli Austin, Labourer, Caddington, Abel Austin, Labourer
Sarah Jane Bell, Caddington, Thomas Bell, Labourer
Wit: Eli Bell, Matilda Kilby

168 01:11:1881
John Houghton, Brick Maker, Caddington, William Houghton, Shopkeeper
Elizabeth Crump, Caddington, Thomas Crump, Bricklayer
Wit: Charles Deller, Elizabeth Bodsworth

174 30:06:1883
Richard Dudley, Brickmaker, Caddington, Thomas Dudley, dead
Louisa Payne, Caddington, George Payne, Labourer
Wit: William Dudley, Jane Bell

185 31:05:1884
William Dudley,21, Blocker, Caddington, Thomas Dudley, dead
Jane Bell, 22 Caddington, Eli Bell, Bricklayer
Wit: Eli Bell, Naomi Fox

186 02:06:1884
Alfred Chesham, 21, Labourer, Caddington, John Chesham, Carter
Harriet Clark, 23, Caddington, James Clark, Labourer
Wit: Albert Buckingham, Laura Clark

194 01:11:1884
George Bell, 21, Labourer, Caddington, Eli Bell, Bricklayer
Emily Clark, 19, Caddington ----
Wit: Eli Bell, Eliza Clark

196 25:12:1884
Hezekiah Houghton, 22, Labourer, Caddington, William Houghton, Butcher
Mary Ann Godfrey, 20, Caddington, Horen? Godfrey, Labourer
Wit: Thomas Pwel, Emma Godfrey

201 28:09:1885
George Flitton, 22, Labourer, Markyate St Charles Flitton, Straw Maunfacturer
Sarah Ann Burgess, 27, Aley Green James Burgess, deceased Labourer
Wit: Thomas Cherry, Charlotte Flitton

203 26:12:1885
Francis James Godfrey, 26, Gardainer, Caddington, James Godfrey, Labourer
Julia Kilby, 22,, Chaul End, William Kilby, (deceased) Labourer
Wit: Arthur Kilby, Matilda, Kilby

270 26:10:1896
Archer Bodsworth, 23, Blocker, Ailer Green William Bodsworth, Farm Labourer
Lizzie Currant, 24, Straw work, Woodside, Samuel Currant, Brickmaker
Wit: Samuel Currant, Ellen Currant

271 29:10:1896
David Simpkins, 53, widower, Labourer & husband Father deceased
Sarah Ann Currant, 51, widow Father deceased
Wit: Graem? Payne, Emily Payne

287 19:05:1900
Charles Mardle, 24, Labourer, Woodside Charles Mardle, Labourer
Ellen Currant, 24, Woodside Samuel Currant, Brickmaker

302 16:04:1906
Walter David Hawkins, 24, Labourer, Woodside William Perry, Labourer
Alice Louisa Currant, 23, Shopkeeper, Woodside Samuel Currant, Freeman & bricklayer
Wit: Samuel Currant, Ellen Mardle

306 30:03:1907
Allen Coleman, 26, Labourer, Thomas Coleman, Labourer
Olive Louisa Bell Dudley, 23, William Charles Dudley, Labourer
Wit: Harry Coleman, Ethel Bell

307 20:04:1907
Arthur George Burchmore, 20, Labourer Alfred Burchmore, Labourer
Agnes Flitton, 19, Straw Plaiter George Flitton, Labourer
Wit: Sidney Bowles, Edith Flitton

10 05:07:1913
George Arnold, 23, Packer, Slip End Arthur Arnold, Labourer
Edith Flitton, 23, Aley Green George Flitton, Labourer
Wit: Leonard Bruce Burgooyne, Ellen Flitton

33 27:03:1920
Frederick Currant, 30, Labourer, Caddington/Green Samuel Currant, Labourer
Hilda Cooper, 24, Caddington/Green Charles Cooper, Labourer
Wit: William Cooper, Doris Cooper, Bertie Currant