A little bit of Hall History - from the past to the present....

West Kilbride Village Hall is that substantial architecturally admired stone building, created via private subscription, at the corner of Ritchie Street and Arthur Street. It has been a focal point of the village since its opening in 1900. Originally intended to replace a former library and provide new leisure facilities, it was operated for its first 60 years as the privately run enterprise called the West Kilbride Institute. You can see this name carved in the stone above the main entrance. In 1959 ownership passed to the Public Authority and at present is the property of North Ayrshire Council (NAC).

As of 1 May 2012, now with a 45 year lease, it is run as a charity for the benefit of the local community and known as West Kilbride Village Hall SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation) - SCIO number SC042666.

Increasing demand for bookings requiring catering facilities, eg - weddings,christenings, has led us to further upgrade our rooms to meet modern standards and with that in mind we have recently completely redecorated the Main Hall. Now we are looking to further upgrade the Kitchen and Toilet facilities.

With the help of NAC we have now replaced the old unreliable high energy lighting in the Main Hall with energy efficient lighting. This new system will enhance visibilty while reducing our wattage.

Similarly with a grant from Awards For All Scotland we have recently installed an Automatic Door so reducing our gas usage.

Now if you look up you will see our 100 year old roof, where leaks had appeared, has been repaired by NAC.

We are very conscious of trying to keep running costs as low as possible while enhancing the facilities.