The Rooms....

There are 3 rooms - the large Main Hall and two smaller Meeting Rooms Room 1 and Room 2 (as well as a Kitchen) all on the ground floor. They are described below.

The Main Hall

flower show

wedding reception awaits...

hall stage viewed from floor

The Main Hall has a large ceiling about 8.5m high and is some 17m by 10.5m in area. It has a closely seated audience capacity of 170. For an event with tables, seats and dancing it has a 120 capacity.The curtained stage is some 10m by 5m. The floor is white lined and a games net with supports is available. The ceiling has high intensity lights and there are also net floodlights.

It is used for sports such as badminton as well as table displays such as the West Kilbride Spring and Summer Flower Shows; indoor table functions such as 'car boot' sales; and for drama and pantomime productions where the stage and our new lighting and sound systems are of particular note.

Room 1 & Room 2 & the Kitchen

Room 1

Room 2


Room 1 has a floor size of 6.5m x 7m and seats can be put out to accommodate up to 50.

Room 2 has a floor size of 8m x 5m and a seating capacity of up to 30.

The Kitchen has the usual basic facilities - cooker, fridge, hot & cold water, sink, microwave, etc.