Who runs the Village Hall....

It is owned by North Ayrshire Council but managed under a 45-year leasing arrangement by the not-for-profit West Kilbride Village Hall SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incoporated Organisation).

The WKVH Management Group, within the WKVH SCIO, are all local volunteers who, collectively, have a wide range of skills and expertise.

It is the Council's responsibility to keep the building wind and water-tight, while the role of the VHMG is to deal with the day-to-day management, ie maintenance (including the part-time employment of Hallkeeper staff) and hall letting. This partnership - NAC and local volunteers - is working well.

All the day to day costs associated with electricity, gas, water, wages, wear, tear and upkeep are met from funds we need to raise from our users of the Hall. To keep it all running local support is both much appreciated - and necessary.

By letting out the rooms for many different functions, the VHMG maintain the physical and social fabric of this impressive building making it a much used and appreciated asset within West Kilbride.