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Woodborough’s Heritage

 Woodborough - an ancient Sherwood Forest village

The style of this site is being refreshed and the subject matter reorganised and the plan is to upload the revisions by 27th February 2016. If this is delayed a note will be posted here.

Many features remain unchanged, but getting around the site will be improved by virtue of a new menu bar.

There are no plans to add any new articles at this time, but several will be included at a later date.

The THEMED PHOTO ALBUM remains unaffected by the above changes and the next batch of photographs will be on 1st March. These will now include The Parochial/Village Halls, Scout Hut and Woodborough Youth Group. The Alvey photos are being held over until 1st April.

Page updated 10th February 2016.


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Woodborough’s Heritage

 Woodborough - an ancient Sherwood Forest village

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