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Ashley Iles
Ashley Iles turning tools can be purchased on-line here.
I have been using Ashley Iles tools for 20 years. In all of that period I have found their tools to be of the highest quality and their customer service to be exemplary. So I am very pleased to be able to offer their tools on this site.
Brian Clifford
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The author
Introduction To Woodturning
An e-book for beginners


General articles
1. How dry is my wood?
How to determine the moisture
content of your wood without a meter.

2. Creative woodturning

3. Marketing woodturning skills
Marketing turnery
Pricing woodturnery

Useful reference information
1. A bibliography of woodturning
2. An interactive glossary of terms
used in woodturning

A bowl turning attachment
A folding tool rest
A thickness gauge
Bevel angle checkers
A sharpening system

The Galleries:
Bowls and other vessels
Natural edge vases
Natural edge goblets
Other goblets
Composite hollow forms
Some boxes
Sculptural pieces

Video clips
The 'V' cut
Cutting a bead.
Cutting a cove.
Squaring the end of a spindle turning.
Rounding the end of a spindle turning.
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My workshop
Visit my workshop

1. Natural edge goblets
2. A hand mirror
3. A simple box
4. A baby's rattle
5. Wind chimes
6. A Windsor stool
7. Roll holders & mug trees

Useful accessories
1. Sanding disk
2. Polishing mop

trees.jpg - 1656 Bytes General interest
Trees, wood and people
Some views about the importance of trees - in the past, today and tomorrow.

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About this site
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PDF files
1. Introduction To WT
2. Projects etc.

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