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The Woodworkers Guide

The object of this web site is to establish a point of contact for woodworkers amateur and professional where methods traditional and modern can be discussed and problems solved.

I offer these professional services.

The articles following represent a selection of subjects to start discussions and help with your craftsmanship!
    These headings will be added to and modified in response to your help and queries
    Here are some details of who I am and what I do

      This web site Is under construction and may never be finished as I intend it to become an ever growing source of woodworking knowledge. As it is open to anyone to visit and comment, the information here should be of the most up to date and accurate available anywhere.

      Feel free to comment on the pages here so far. If you have specific questions about the subjects on the list not yet covered please ask and I will incorporate your answer into the web site if it is suitable. It might give me the needed impetus to write that missing piece too. Do ask about topics not mentioned too as that will inspire me to write other pages. If you would like to submit an article yourself you are very welcome.However I reserve the right to edit or shorten it. Finally if you have woodworking query that you don't think will be of general interest I will be happy ( depending on demand ) to try to answer it personally!! If I cant answer any queries then we can put a general call out to our fellow woodworkers for help
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