I am cabinet maker and was trained in furniture design and production. I have been interested in woodwork since I was 7 or 8. that means I have been playing with wood and related materials for more than 45 years. besides extensive experience in the mass production industry and the boat building industry.

I have been making guitars and mandolins since I was at college. As a student I needed a new guitar so as I had no money to buy one I was forced to make one .

I also have some experience of building industry woodwork. I ran my own general furniture and woodwork company for 25 years. I now concentrate on Musical instruments and teaching.

My special expertise relating to the woodworking industry is the choosing and operating of machines for small organizations. Also the developing of small scale production methods for small and medium workshops. ( 1 to perhaps 50 employees) I also have experience of plastics machining and design of fiberglass molds.

Anything that I don't know I wont pretend that I do. If I give advice which I only think will work I will say so and anyone with a point of view is welcome to comment. I will include good contributions or use them as basis for new articles in the site.

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