1/4 Scale Model of the AVRO Triplane 1

AVRO Triplane 1 at AVRO Heritage Musium Woodford

AVRO Triplane 1 on display at AVRO Heritage Musium at Woodford


AVRO Triplane 1 at AVRO Heritage Musium Woodford

AVRO Triplane 1 fitted with heavy duty wheels for flight trials


AVRO Triplane 1 at AVRO Heritage Musium Woodford

AVRO Triplane 1 Model in Flight


AVRO Triplane 1 Quarter-scale Model Project

In support of a team from the AVRO Heritage Group, Woodford, Cheshire, who have built a full size replica AVRO Triplane 1, but independent of them, the three man team of Len Whalley, Roger Brooks and Uwe Kenjon have built a quarter scale radio controlled model of the AVRO Triplane 1, to obtain data on the flying characteristics of this unconventional layout.

As the full size machine was built to be flown, it was intended that the results obtained with the model would provide relevant information, particularly with respect to the centre of gravity location, control surface movements and wing warping response.

The model construction largely follows that of the full size machine. The main difference is that the model has an electric drive motor and battery mounted right at the front, to obtain a centre of gravity position ahead of the wing trailing edge, in accordance with present day aerodynamic calculations.

This is in contrast to the original full size machine on which the centre of gravity was located well behind the trailing edge.

Several flights have been made which have confirmed that the wing warping controls are effective but benefit from additional rudder input.

As expected, the model remains quite unstable in the pitching plane, even with the centre of gravity position 2" ahead of the wing trailing edge.

The electric motor and radio control equipment have now been removed and a dummy JAP two cylinder engine, belt drive transmission and four blade propeller fitted.

The Triplane model is now on display at the:-  AVRO Heritage Museum at Woodford, Cheshire


The Flight Science and Technology Group of the Department of Engineering at the University of Liverpool are also providing extremely interesting information relating to this project from their flight simulator, which has been specifically programmed to replicate the performance of the AVRO Triplane 1.

Visit their Website at:-  Flight Science Group

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