Environments all over the Earth are being placed under increasing pressures on a daily basis by the activities of human social and economic development. We are creating irreversible damage not only on a local level but globally. Human activities are destroying habitats and the non human species which live in those habitats. The time is right to face up to the environmental problems we are creating and to change our behaviour to a more sustainable way of living.

I am currently studying for a degree in Environmental Studies with the Open University, having already completed a diploma in environment and development. I began my studies with the Open University mainly because I had a personal interest in global warming and climate change and a need to find out more about the subject. The further into my studies I get the greater my understanding of the damage caused to our environment by human industrial, social and economic development.

I have now decided to publish some of my work on this site to demonstrate to others the effect humans are having on the environment. Mainly these will be my personal views on various aspects of environmental issues gained from my studies with the Open University and also reading around the subject out of personal interest.

Some of my work has used quotes and references from other peoples work, where this is the case there will be references to the sources of information at the end of the individual piece of work. I would also be interested in hearing other peoples perspectives on some of the issues which I address on this site and I would happy to publish the opinion of others here, simply drop me an email or visit my environment blog (Click Here).

The site is still in the early days of development so any contributions would be gratefully received, I will update the site as often as I can and publish new material regularly.

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Image 1. Grey Wolf (Canis, Lupus) in woodland.( Copyright Pitcher, J. 2007)

Project on the re-introduction of the grey wolf into the Scottish highlands
click here--->Wolf Project

See the results of my survey on a re-introduction of the grey wolf into the Scottish Highlands
click here--->Results of wolf survey

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