Steve Martyn, shown left, playing with his first band: Monopoly .

Steve launched his musical career in 1964 when he helped to form the group Monopoly. Later in 1974 Country and Western duo Double Image emerged. A well respected and much in demand act making frequent local radio appearances. Three years later he built Baretta, forging one of Britains best ever Country groups. Baretta went on to gain many accolades. Noteabley, winning Best Group at the Country Music Festival and being awarded a record contract.

Baretta's demise bequeathed a sparkling solo act. One of the most accomplished, professional, exciting and talented solo acts about in the UK today and although his show is largely based around classic pop & rock from the 60s, his act is not boring and laid back but bristles with energy and showmanship.

As a guitarist he is extremely skilled and can wow audiences with some terrific fret board dexterity. His versions of instrumental period classic pieces from the likes of
The Shadows would be almost impossible to better and although note-perfect and astonishingly accurate they are also played with the raw, electric power that was so prevalent and vital to the success of the early beat boom.

2005 sees Steve embark on a scintillating project within his solo act.  He has created an entire tribute to the most famous instrumental group probably of all time, The Shadows.  It's not the accustomed "Look Alike" tribute but a musical "Sound-A-Like" tribute that is accurate in every detail.

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