Jen Worton - Ann Fairhurst's father's forename

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Jen has difficulty in reading Ann Fairhurst's father's forename (good tongue twister - I had difficulty saying that !!) Can you help her?

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If you can figure it out please email directly to Jen Worton

1892 Marriage Solemnized at/by the Parish Church in the Parish of St Lawrence in the County/ies of the City of York
Columns:-  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
No When Married Name and Surname Age Condition Rank or Profession Residence at Time of Marriage Father's Name and Surname Rank or Profession of Father
  Octr 9 James Edwin Davenport 26 Bachelor Maker up Gt. Bolton James Davenport Maker....
Ann Fairhurst 26 Spinster Servant Gt. Bolton
This was resolved to
"William Fairhurst"
Married in the Church of St Paul according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church by or after Banns   by me


This Marriage was solemnised between us { James Edwin Davenport (X) his mark }  

in the Presence of us


{ Thomas Whittle  
Ann Fairhurst (X) her mark Ellen Fairhurst (X) her mark  

ChrisnJayne 2002