Bryan Richards - Can you name this ship?

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Bryan Ricards tells me that this document is a section of an application for examination for "ONLY MATE".  It lists all the vessels that a Captain Robert William Brisco served on and is proof of his sea time - required to enable him take the
examination. Below is a portion of the document an it shows four vessels, including the Anna Mary, the Keepsake and Congress. One vessel in this column is one upon which he served three periods is difficult to decipher and trace.

Bryan wonders if it is "Cunnuny", "Cinuist" or "Curiost". Having asked around Cumberland, no ship of those names
seem to exist and he cannot find crew agreements for the Keepsake which would state the previous vessel employed.

A knowledge of Cumberland and/or Maritime ships would probably help. Or just try your luck at the characters and, just to confirm, it is the only vessel on the list between 1856 and 1865 that we are working on here.

If you have any  opinions, please mail Bryan Richards  with your ideas.

ChrisnJayne 2002