Rombald's Stride

Originator:15th Airedale Scout Group
Frequency:Held Annually
Distance:22 miles
Ascent:3,300 feet
Time:10 hours
Location:Ilkley Moor
Maps:Explorer 297
Awards:Badge & Certificate

No. Grid Ref. Checkpoint
StartSE 194 418St. Oswald's School
1SE 170 398Tong Park
2SE 156 404Moorside Farm
3SE 141 401Baildon Moor 1
4SE 135 406Baildon Moor 2
5SE 138 420Weecher
6SE 125 451Lanshaw Lad
7SE 102 453Whetstone Gate
8SE 112 469Ilkley Bottom
9SE 148 451Coldstone Ghyll
10SE 153 451Burley Woodhead
11SE 195 443Above Stile
12SE 212 445Quarry Car Park
13SE 194 432Moor Lane
FinishSE 194 418St. Oswald's School
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