Burley Bridge Hike

From the Methodist Church Hall go straight up Wheatley Lane for 400 yards to the road junction. Take the steps steeply up through the wood. Continue with wall on left to a kissing gate. Through the gate and turn right, following the track at the rear of some houses, to Hangingstone Road. Follow the road down the hill to the cattle grid. Over the grid and cross to the left of the road. Through the marked gate and follow the path westwards to the cattle grid and Wells Road [GR 117471]. Checkpoint 1 — 1.47 miles.

Turn left up Wells Road for 500 yards to rejoin the moor at [GR 111468]. Continue in a Westerly direction for 1 mile to the Swastika Stone [GR 097469] and eventually after a further 1.7 miles reaching Windgate Nick [GR 071471]. Checkpoint 2 — 4.42 miles.

From Windgate Nick over the stile and follow the footpath initially on a bearing of 160 degrees passing through a gate and 'Doubler Stones' on left to reach the farm at [GR 073464]. Down concrete track and through the farmyard turning left ('waymarked') through a gate and now follow the footpath with wall on right in a southerly direction through the fields to reach the track at Far Ghyll Grange Farm [GR 073459]. Continue to follow the track then footpath past the farm through 2 fields keeping wall on left bearing (200 degrees). At third field gate continue ahead on bearing (220 degrees) to reach a stile. Over stile turn right for 50 yards to footbridge at [GR 071454]. Now up the hill on bearing (230 degrees) to reach a derelict building (Out Laith) at [GR 069454].

Take the stile on the right of this barn to continue ahead over another stile. Cross the field ahead on a bearing of 250 degrees aiming for the shed below The Crag. Through a gate and follow track, with wall on right below, keeping The Crag on your left. Through another gate and now with wall on left descend to Holden Gate [GR. 065442]. Checkpoint 3 — 6.68 miles.

Cross the road, through the gate and take the track down the hill to Jaytail Farm. Through the farm and across the field to the stile. Over the stile and continue in the same direction to reach Alder Carr Wood at [GR 059441]. Checkpoint 4 — 7.2 miles.

Descend from the wood in a southerly direction keep wall on right to take ladder stile into golf course, through the golf course to reach the Canal Bridge (No. 195) and the towing path. Follow the towing path in a southeasterly direction for 3 miles to reach Crossflatts Swing Bridge (No. 199) [GR 103406]. Checkpoint 5 — 11.18 miles.

Turn left from the checkpoint over the brldge towards Mickethwaite and follow the road up the hill through the village to the road/footpath junctlon at Whinn Cottage [GR 104416]. Turn right through a small gate next to a large gate and then immediately follow the footpath sharp left up the hill over the fields to reach the road at [GR 108420]. Turn left on the road for 200 yards to reach the road junction at [GR 109422]. Cross the road to Morton Stoop [GR 109422]. Checkpoint 6 — 12.36 Miles.

Ahead on the track to head in a northerly direction. Follow this track and then footpath across the moor for 2 miles to Ashlar Chair, over the stile and continue northwards for a further 600 yards to reach the checkpoint at White Crag Moss [GR 122452]. Checkpoint 7 — 14.43 miles.

Turn right from the checkpoint follow the footpath towards Lanshaw Lad and then passing the Twelve Apostles, continue for 300 yards and then turn left from the main path across the moor and follow the path in an easterly direction to the old railway carriage at [GR 136448]. From the railway carriage follow the good track downhill for 1.2 miles bearing 120 degrees to reach Stocks Hill at [GR 153440]. Checkpoint 8 — 16.60 miles.

From the checkpoint follow the footpath downhill in a northeasterly direction to reach the walled lane. Follow the walled lane to the track at [GR 156443]. Turn right down the track to the road, cross the road and down the drive to the footpath in front of the two houses next on the left. Follow the footpath downhill, over three stiles to reach the track at [GR 159445]. Turn left on the track and follow for 300 yards to Hag Farm. Take the track in front of the farm heading down the hill towards Burley. Follow this good track for 1 mile to reach the road near Burley Station. Turn left at Moor Lane and go southwards up Moor Lane to the drive at the south end of Moor Lane Centre. (Ignore first entrance and entrance to new houses) Turn right, SP Ben Rhydding, into the drive. Scalebor Park [GR 158455]. Checkpoint 9 — 18.45 miles.

Follow the drive 150 yards, keeping left and then turn left up the footpath. Follow the path to the lane and turn right, pass the farm and continue on this good track for 300 yards. Ignore footpath sign, permission obtained to use private farm track. Bear right on the good track for 1 mile to the track junction at [GR 147464]. Turn right and follow the track down the slope turning left at the bottom. Continue for 100 yards and over the stile, into the field, at the side of the gate where the track goes right. Cross this field diagonally bearing 300 degrees towards the school buildings in the distance. Over the stile near the corner of the field and cross the playing field. 25 yards, to cross a stile to join a track. Turn left on the track and follow the track to a cattle grid. Over the cattle grid and turn left to the school entrance. Turn right down a track, which soon becomes Ben Rhydding Drive. Follow this road to just before the road junction with Wheatley Lane where the Methodist Church Hall [GR 134475] is on the left. Finish — 20.6 miles and 2669 ft of ascent.