The Hovingham Hobble


sp = signpost fp = footpath R = right L = left
TR = turn right TL = turn left BR = bear right BL = bear left
s.a. = straight ahead tk = track gt = gate wm = waymark
st = stile Tj = T junction bw = bridleway fb = footbridge
X = cross

Hovingham to Scackleton Church — 3½ miles

Start — Free car in grounds of Hovingham village hall (next to Malt Shovel) GR 667 756.

Ready? Got everything? Right then, we're off. Leave car park and TR passing Malt Shovel and Post Office, after police house X rd and over fb next to bakery. (Recommended) TL, stream on L, at end of first row of cottages TR, sp 'rights of way' Take 1st stile on L. (Do not go thru gt on tk for Ebor Way) X field, fence on L to st, over, X tk, Fence/wood on L. At wood corner TL and in 75 yds over st, TR, fence on R. Gradually leave fence to follow stream on L to stone bridge, over and ahead to white gt and rd. GR 661 755.

TR on rd, ignore 1st 2 tks to L, follow rd to wm tk on L and fp sign. (Just after white gt on R) Down tk into wood, pass to side of fastened wooden gt (wm) s.a. on good tk thru wood. On approaching field ahead over st (wm) s.a: into field, fence/wood an L to reach 2 fbs. Ignore large one on L and s.a. over smaller one (wm) s.a. with fence/beck on L, thru gap in fence/hedge, s.a. fence/beck still on L to good tk, TL on tk, over walled bridge following tk round to R, then L passing house on R. S.a. on tk, ignoring fp on R to Lodge Farm. S.a. passing Hovingham Lodge on L and house on R to Tj. GR 653 738.

TR down tk (Scackleton Lane) ignore fp on R, s.a. to rd. GR 646 731. TL into Scackleton, ignore rd to R. s.a. thru village to TR on tk opposite church. GR 649 726.

Scackleton Church to Terrington — 4 miles

Stay on this tk as it turns L and R downhill, pass wooden fp sign on R, s.a. ignoring tk to L to Scackleton Low Moor Farm. S.a. to Dalby Bush Farm. Go thru gt way to pass in front of farmhouse and TL, fence on R to fb and st, over and head for telegraph pole (225') and on to st by gt 20 yds to L of next pole (wm) over, across gallop and s.a.. uphill on green lane to wm and rd. GR 638 713.

TL downhill to go thru Dalby, ignore fp on R and further one on L, carrying on downhill. 100 yds after Dalby village sign on R, TR on fp by large tree (wm) heading due S down field, passing end of hedge coming in from L. Maintain same direction to metal gt. X field still going S, heading just to R of Dalby Carr to gt way between trees. S.a. down tk towards farm.

30 yds before farmhouse TL down tk, hedge on L, barn on R. This is not a right of way, so will not be on your map — permission has kindly been given by the landowner for people doing this walk. Pass newly planted trees on R, TR at field corner, old trees on L, new ones still on R to fb (back on right of way) over and keeping trees/beck on L, down edge of field to st (wm) over, s.a. passing to L of North Ings Farm to fp sign and rd. GR 652 701.

TL over bridge and along rd, ignoring fp on R. S.a. for 250 yds to TR on bw (wm) Ignore fp on L just after first house, s.a. still on good tk to metal gt, thru and immediately TL with farm buildings on R. At end of last barn TR thru gt (wm) down field with fence/farm on R to wooden gt, thru and TR (wm) down side of wooden fence to farm tk. TL and follow it as it swings L and uphill into Terrington. Ignore fp on L just after 30 mph signs, s.a. to Tj, TR into village, Bay Horse, tea room and shop. (The only shop and pub on the walk) GR 670 707.

Terrington to Bulmer — 3½ miles

Just before shop TR down Mowthorpe Lane, s.a. over South Back Lane X rds to pass cemetery on R. Ignore fps on R and L. When lane turns into a tk, (bw sp) at Mowthorpe Hill Farm, GR 678 695, ignore fp on R to this farm, maintaining same direction along tk. Ignore tk on L down to Rough Hills Farm, still on main tk, now going downhill towards Low Mowthorpe Farm. Ignore fp on R, s.a. to TR on bw (wm) just before farmyard and thru wooden gt. Ignore tk down to lake. (The three lakes here have been recently built for coarse fishing and may not be on your map). S.a, fence on R. When fence turns to R, TL (100') to wm on post in long narrow field. Down this steadily narrowing field, lakes on L to st and fb. GR 691 687.

Over and uphill on path thru woods to gt. Across field (150') thru gap in hedge maintaining same direction with hedge on R. On reaching field corner, over st to L of double gts. Down field (150') gradually leaving hedge to st hidden behind bushes (wm) over and uphill with hedge on R to wooden gt (wm) s.a. thru gt to metal gt and st, over and s.a. into Bulmer. GR 697 675.

Bulmer to Coneysthorpe Bank Top — 6½ miles

TL on L hand pavement. (Your map may show a Post Office here, at the time of writing it was due to close down) After double bend TL to L of grass triangle and large oak tree to pass wooden wm and go over small grassed area to small wooden gt in fence (wm) TR on enclosed path and over st. TL (wm) garden fence on L. When fence ends X field diagonally due N to st in corner (wm). (The next 2 field paths and the GR may not appear to coincide with your map, the paths have recently been diverted round the field edges) Over st and TR along field edge with hedge on R into next field, hedge still On R to rd. GR 704 683.

TL for 100 yds then R at fp sign along tk with hedge on L to wm by tree. S.a. on fp to hedge coming in from L. TL, hedge on R (wm) s.a. down fp to TR 25 yds before wood. Over st (wm) and into wood. GR 705 687. Follow clear path thru wood to wm, s.a. ignoring tk to L, now on wide tk ignoring all turn offs to rd. (The Stray) GR 711 691. TL uphill (You can use the wide grass verge near the fence to avoid the road) Immediately after going thru archway Tr on private rd. S.a. down rd (Castle Howard on L) passing pyramid on R, soon to TL on fp thru barrier. Follow this good tk over bridge, thru gt and uphill (20') to large round iron trough. From trough head for L hand corner of fenced off boggy area (350') On reaching far corner of fence, head for st (20') in fence between 3 trees (Do not go thru gt on L) Over and 20' to fb in bushes, X and thru hedge. TL and follow hedge on L to telegraph pole in front of Bog Hall. TL thru wide gap in hedge, TR onto tk, TL in front of Dutch barn for 25 yds then TR onto lane (wm) Do not go between stables and Dutch barn.

Follow lane, hedge on L for 750 yds passing small wood on R. Ignore fp to L, GR 729 710. Out into open space for 150 yds. S.a. (Do not bear R with tk) keeping fence on immediate L all the way to gt in corner on L. Thru gt and slightly L away from fence (340') on green tk uphill to copse. Under telegraph wires, TR on tk just before trees, s.a. to telegraph pole on R, in 25 yds when tk peters out, double back 300' on fainter path, trees on L, hedge on R thru field to gt and rd. GR 734 715.

X rd (take care) and s.a. down bw. Just before Easthorpe Farm TL on bw thru small gt in fence on L (wm) s.a. with fence on R to small wooden gt (wm) thru gt and along field edge on good bw with wood on L. At cluster of trees on R, s.a. thru gt (wm) carry on bearing L to enter wood at X tks. GR 727 723. (Ignore tk going downhill on L) S.a. emerging from wood in 400 yds, wood on L, field on R to pass trig hidden in hedge 50 yds to R. GR 718 728.

Coneysthorpe Bank Top to Hovingham — 5½ miles

S.a. still with wood on L ignoring all turn offs to reach kissing gt. Thru gt, down field with fence on R to rd. GR 704 732. TL down rd (take care—blind summit) When rd levels out take 2nd of 2 adjacent gts (wm). Along good bw, hedge on R; then wood (do not enter wood). Follow edge of wood all the way to X tks. GR 693 730.

S.a. (wm) wood still on R, when wood goes off to R, BL (250') still on tk to go thru double gt. S.a. down middle of field (290') on faint tk just to L of mound to further gt (wm) s.a. to Tj, TL on tk for 100 yds, TR down bw (wm) fence on L, s.a. on good tk thru large field to gt by tree (wm) s.a. On approaching wood, BL, still on tk to gt way (wm). After passing ponds on L and R, TR (wm) wood on R to metal gt.

S.a. to 2nd metal gt (wm) TR on beckside path, fence on L, trees on R, (wm) When fence turns L keep beck/trees on R to wm on white post. TL for 25 yds, then R (wm) to skirt edge of field with wood on R. On reaching small open space on R, TR thru gt. X field (345') to gt into wood (wm) ahead uphill on tk, wood on R to Tj, TR onto tk. S.a. at X tks ignoring all tks to L and R to emerge from wood at GR 666 743. S.a. on good wide tk for just under a mile to rd, TR, then L into Hovingham. 100 yds after Worsley Arms to car park.