Rombald's Stride

The walk will be started outside St. Oswalds Junior School at 09:00hrs. Follow path through the bungalows to the main road at SE 194 416. Cross the road at the lights and follow the tarmac road to SE 193 413. Turn across the Railway Bridge and enter field through stile immediately left after the bridge. Follow the path through the fields to join track at SE 191 409. Turn left and pass under the Railway Bridge. Cross the stile on the right. Cross the stile on the right alter the railway bridge and follow the permissive path through Springs Wood to join concrete road at SE 183 404. Cross to short track and follow into Esholt village. Take the road. Esholt Lane, south west out of the village and turn right across the field at SE 171 397 just after the golf driving range. Follow path to main road and cross with care, no up the steps, across the minor road to bucket drop at SE 170 398, then follow path through fields to left of the old chapel. Turn right after chapel then left on track past cottages and follow up hill to SE 165 400.

Follow track down to the memorial. turn left and then follow track and paths to check point at SE 156 404. Take the track up to the road, cross and take path up the side of the golf course to the trig point (self clip) on Baildon Moor SE 141 401.

Leave the trig point and make way down to road. Take the road northerly to gate, path and track to check point at Weecher SE 138 420.

Take path through wall and over fields to SE 138 424, go over wall across the road and onto Rombalds Moor. Follow the main path to check point at path junction SE 125 451. Then take permissive path westerly to join track at check point at Whetstone Gate at SE 102 453.

From whetstone Gate follow track northerly down to Ilkley, look out for check check point and marked path at SE 112 469. Take this path up to White Wells and on through Hidden Valley SE 124 466. Follow path above the Cow and Calf rocks and along ridge to (self clip) at SE 148 451, at Coldstone Ghyll.

Follow path down to check point at Burley Woodhead SE 153 451. Turn right on road after check point then take first track on the left, SE 153 450. After approximately 100 yards take stile on .right and follow path across field through Hag Farm to join track and follow Bleach Mill Lane to Menston. (route overleaf). Follow road down towards the village center, turn left on Burley Road towards the church, then right on Fairfax Road to narrow path on left after Fairfax Gardens. Follow path down to footbridge at SE 172 443.

Cross Railway by footbridge and follow track to main road cross with care and take path from SE 174 444 through new houses to main road at SE 178 444. Cross road and turn left for 100 yards then cross stile and follow path up the ridge and through fields to join road at SE 187 443. Turn left and follow road down to stile at SE 195 448 take path uphill to (self clip) at SE 195 443.

Follow path up to Wood at SE 194 443. turn east along permissive path across front of the Chevin (route overleaf) to check point at Quarry Car Park SE 212 445. Turn right up road to track at SE 214 445. follow track to gate at SE 210 442. Follow path westerly across top of Chevin to car park at SE 204 441. Go through car park and across road to stile, follow- down fields to track at SE 204 435. Turn right and follow track westerly to road check point at SE 194 432.

Turn left down road and follow through Guiseley to Finish at school SE 194 418.