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Patsy McGlone 3rd February 2017

Patsy McGlone Nominated as SDLP Assembly 2017 Mid Ulster Candidate

Patsy McGlone has been formally nominated to contest the 2017 Assembly election in Mid Ulster on behalf of the SDLP.

(Handing in nomination papers at the Electoral Office, 1st February.  Pictured, left to right, Cllr Martin Kearney, Deputy Returning Officer Rae Kirk, Patsy, John Clayton, Cllr Christine McFlynn and Cllr Malachy Quinn.)

Speaking after submitting his nomination papers at the Electoral Office on Wednesday 1st February, Mr McGlone said: “I am humbled to have been nominated once again to contest the 2017 Assembly Election, and by the vote of confidence given to me by my fellow SDLP members from across Mid Ulster.

“It has been my great honour and privilege to represent all the people of Mid Ulster in the Assembly. As your representative I’ve seen communities across our constituency rally together in tough times to support each other. Make no mistake about it, the last ten years of DUP and Sinn Féin mis-rule has seen tough times visited on the people of this area.

“This election is a direct result of those parties’ continued failure in government.

“Their inability to work together threatens our health service, the agricultural sector, education and rural services. In the 8 months since the last election they have failed to agree a Budget and failed to agree a Programme for Government.

“The SDLP goes into this election with a plan of action to resolve these issues.

“We are determined to see progress on the public inquiry into the RHI scheme – a public inquiry that the SDLP insisted on from the start. There will be accountability for any wrong-doing or corruption revealed by that public inquiry.

“We will work to prevent the closure of GP surgeries and address the lengthening waiting lists in our health service.

“We will remove the threat to charge pupils for school transport, transport that is vital in our rural communities.

“We will deliver progress on an Irish Language Act.

“The SDLP were the only local party that actively campaigned against Brexit, and that this week voted against it at Westminster.

“The SDLP has a strategy for jobs growth, for cutting waiting lists, improving our education system, and for securing sustainable economic growth that benefits all the people.

“The choice on March 2nd is simple - more of the same or make change happen.

“The SDLP offers real change, and real new leadership. I’m proud to be offering that to the people of Mid Ulster.”