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Patsy McGlone 23rd January 2017

McGlone Seeks Northern Trust Meeting on Home Care Package Delays

SDLP MLA for Mid Ulster, Patsy McGlone, is seeking an urgent meeting with the Northern Health Trust Chief Executive, Dr Tony Stevens, on the continued delays in implementing approved home health care packages. The Mid Ulster MLA requested the meeting in response to increasing number of constituents reporting unacceptable delays in implementing approved domiciliary care packages. Mr McGlone has also sought updated figures from the Department of Health on delays across all Health and Social Care Trusts.

Mr McGlone said, “My office has been inundated with queries from constituents about unacceptable delays in the provision of home care packages over recent months.

“As a result of those concerns, I have requested an urgent meeting with the Northern Trust Chief Executive, Dr Tony Stevens, to ensure that these delays are addressed as a priority.

“In many cases the failure to implement approved domiciliary care packages will mean delayed discharge from hospital, which means that beds are not being freed up for new patients. In other cases the delays in providing appropriate domiciliary care will result in the need for further hospital care that could have been avoided.

“In the absence of either an Executive or an agreed budget, whatever proposals the outgoing Health Minster comes up with to deal with waiting lists will remain paper proposals only. It will be up to the Trusts to address these continued delays in home care provision.

“This is not a new problem. In December 2015 departmental figures showed that 229 patients across Northern Ireland had been waiting over 2 months for approved domiciliary care packages to be implemented. The Northern Trust was then the worst performing area with 160 patients waiting more than 2 months for an approved care package to be implemented.

“The latest figures I have requested from the department will show what progress, if any, has been made on this issue in the last two years.”


Notes to editors:

Assembly Written Question

To ask the Minister for Health, in relation to domiciliary care packages that have been approved by Health and Social Care Trusts and are due to be implemented, to detail how many packages have been outstanding for (i) up to two weeks; (ii) up to four weeks; (iii) up to two months; and (iv) more than two months since being approved, broken down by Health and Social Care Trust.