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Patsy McGlone 25th September 2017

McGlone Warns of Impact of Brexit on Ireland

SDLP MLA for Mid Ulster, Patsy McGlone, has warned of the impact of Brexit on the whole island of Ireland. The Mid Ulster MLA was part of an SDLP delegation invited to attend an address by the European Parliament’s lead Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, to the Dáil last week.

Photo 1 (Patsy McGlone meets Micheál Martin in Dublin)

Speaking afterwards Mr McGlone said, “It is clear that Brexit will have a severe impact on life across the whole island of Ireland.

“By pandering to its right-wing ideologues, the British Government is ignoring the complex political and economic situation we face on this island.

“Everyone accepts this reality but, in the continued absence of a NI Executive, the voice of the people of the north is not being heard in the talks about Brexit.

Photo 2 ( SDLP Meets with MEPs) Back row, from left to right: Senator Frank Feighan, Justin McNulty MLA, Deirdre Clune MEP, Pat Catney MLA, Mairead McGuinness MEP, Patsy McGlone MLA, John Dallat MLA. Front row: Cllr Johnny McCarthy

“There needs to be firm, positive and constructive intervention to break the deadlock at Stormont. As a co-guarantor of the Good Friday Agreement, the Irish Government is in a unique position to put forward joint proposals to force those parties obstructing progress to make the compromises necessary to allow the formation of an Executive.

“That is the way forward for our politics, and the way to provide a strong voice for the North in Brexit negotiations.

“Together we have overcome greater obstacles. We can do so again.”