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Welcome to the new site!

This website belongs to the Zanshin Dojo a Wado ryu karate club based in South Wales, U.K. The club is a member of the Welsh Karate Association, the largest karate organisation in Wales. The club instructor, Gavin Evans is a 2nd Dan black belt in Wado Ryu and has been training for 21 years having won many tournaments in kata as well as kumite. Most of these are listed in the personal page. I hope you enjoy the site and please e-mail Gavin Evans with any questions or comments regarding Wado Ryu or about this site, thank you.

Wado Ryu Kata VCD volume one out now!!

The Zanshin Dojo has prepared a VCD for sale at the club and also to other karateka interested in purchasing it via the web site. There are three volumes that have curently been made. Volume one consists of all the Pinan kata', which includes pinan nidan, pinan shodan, pinan sandan, pinan yondan and pinan godan. All kata have all been filmed from front view at normal speed to show correct timing and combination sequences. They have also been fimed form the front at slow speed. To get more of a first person perspective they have been filmed from the back view at slow speed as well. Volumes two and three are currently in production and will be up on the website once they are ready for sale. For more information on all VCD's plus prices please send an email to

W.K.A. Course at Swansea University The club recently attended the March annual Wado Ryu Karate course held at Swansea University in South Wales. The course consisted 4 hours of gruelling hard work and was taught by some of the W.K.A.'s most experienced instructors including Chief Instructor Unel Wellington 7th Dan and Steve Wellington 5th Dan. The students gained more knowledge about ther art and enjoyed the day.

Annual Club Competition The Zanshin Dojo held its annual winter Junior tournament recently with more than 30 students attending. There were two different age categories, under 8's and under 12's. The students competed in kata, team kata, kumite and team kumite. More results from the competition.

GradingsGradings took place in March at the club with both Juniors and seniors grading. Follow this link for full results about March gradings.

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