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Psychic Entertainment

Picture the scene -- you are in good company and you have just finished a gourmet meal. Coffee and liqueurs have been served and someone has said a few words pertinent to the occasion. What now?

You have been making small talk since meeting for cocktails and there is still a couple of hours to go before the company disperses. Do you head for the bar and let the evening disintegrate -- or do you introduce something exciting, something to intrigue and entertain your guests -- something to give them a topic of conversation for weeks to come?

This is where PETER ZENNER comes in. Describing himself as a 'Psychic Entertainer', Peter will involve your guests in highly entertaining situations. He reads their minds. He projects thoughts into their minds. He makes predictions. He describes personal articles whilst securely blindfolded, giving names and numbers, etc., etc. -- details which are only known to the owners of said articles. He does all kinds of strange and mysterious things but, above all, he ENTERTAINS.

If your audience is young and uninhibited, Peter also has a very funny HYPNOTISM ACT, which is even more entertaining -- PROVIDING THAT THE AUDIENCE WILL JOIN IN. Older audiences, particularly if it is a more formal occasion, prefer to sit and watch hypnotism rather than join in and be hypnotised. If nobody joins in then there is no show -- BUT, if you have at least 50 guests and they are in the 18-30 age group, YOU CAN FIND NOTHING MORE ENTERTAINING. May we suggest that you discuss the suitability of this show for your audience, before you book it. There is nothing to worry about regarding the content of the show -- it is good clean fun -- but some people are apprehensive because of stories they have heard and their own lack of understanding.

Just one more thing -- maybe your function is not geared to having a set cabaret. Maybe you want something to add a little spice to the more informal occasions -- more of a 'mix and mingle' atmosphere? O.K., Peter also presents PALM and TAROT READINGS! These are perfect for informal parties, cocktail parties, hospitality suites and so on. YOUR GUESTS WILL BE AMAZED -- make sure that you reserve your place in the queue!

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